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Roman Saturday on the 14th of July 2012

Dear friends,

For the fifth time the civil association “Potomtsi” is holding it’s Roman Saturday initiative, which will be held on 14 July 2012 (Saturday at 9 am) to clean the archaeological complex “Roman Mausoleum” (III-IV century) in the Lozenets quarter of Sofia at the end of Dimimtar Hadjikocev Street near the South Park.
We have already cleaned up this monument once, with the help of 75 volunteers and the support of the Region, the Sofia Inspectorate and OP “Stara Sofia” on October 2nd 2010. We removed 6 tons waste and vegetation. Since then there has not been much change, a fence was errected to protect the area, but the monument persists in complete anonymity and is once again overgrown with vegetation. Therefore, we have decided to go back where we started, this time with an alternative plan for the future fate of a cultural-historical monument within our city, as we did in “Western Gate of the Roman Serdica”, where after our cleaning with the help “America for Bulgaria”, the authorities began studies of the site and is currently developing a project for it’s socialization, making it an archaeological reserve.
The event is apolitical and does not serve any political party or support an election campaign. It is open to all interested citizens concerned about the fate of our cultural and historical heritage.
This time we will be receiving logistical support by the Sofia Municipality and Sofia Inspectorate OP “Stara Sofia” and soft drinks will be kindly provided by Pizzeria Mamma Mia. With us will be Mario Ivanov, head of the excavation of the site for nearly a decade, who will tell us more about the monument and his studies.

See you there!